Contact Us

To book your train tickets follow these simple steps:

E-mail the information listed below to:

1. Where you want to go.

2. When you want to go

3. When you wish to return.

4. Whether your priority is speed or cost.

5. Your contact telephone number.

6. Any Rail Cards you have.

We will then endeavour find the best possible deals and call you back with the options. Once booked, your tickets can be collected from Chepstow station at your convenience.

(if you are a local business ask about our delivery options)

You can also Text or leave a message with the information on 0759 448 9999 if that is more convenient.

Any e-mails or messages received out of opening hours will be dealt with immediately we return, but be sure to add the time you want to be contacted to your communication, we start very early in the morning.

Thanks for visiting!